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In the cloud, you no longer have a perimeter, you no longer have physical proximity, you might no longer have a web-filter or even a network at all. You are set loose, unbound from the on-prem connection. You're adrift, but you can still be in control. Azure AD centralises your users and your security, like a giant turnstile it's passport control. Intune guards the end-points - the devices and applications themselves.

Device enrollment

Intune goes beyond typical MDM, it can enroll both corporate and personal (BYOD) devices running Windows, macOS, iOS and Android.

Device configuration

Create configuration policies for your devices for passwords, browser and camera controls, and custom policies, such as iOS policies imported from Apple Configurator.

Device security

Harness amazing control over your IT security through features like remote lock, remote wipe, factory reset, and forced passcode reset.

Application management

App deployment, app monitoring, app removal, app settings management, app compliance - the control you get with Intune is unlike anything you've ever experienced.

Policy deployment

With Intune you're no longer dependent on Active Directory GPO or SCCM for policy deployment. Deploy applications, scripts, reg-keys to any or all of your devices.

Upgrade to Intune from SCCM

SCCM is slowly nearing its end-of-life and Intune is its cloud-based successor. Migrate your SCCM infrastructure to Intune with TunedIn.

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