Azure Resource Analysis

Azure is amazing, no doubt. But managing your resources as you scale can be a huge challenge. We know this ourselves. It's critical to carefully manage resource utilisation to avoid haemorrhaging money.

License Management

One of our Azure bills comes on a spreadsheet 65,000 lines long. What does it mean? How do we read it? With TunedIn, you'll receive visually-accessible analytics that provide actionable insights on how to manage your rcosts.

Optimization & Right-Sizing

One of the best ways to manage your Azure costs is to optimize your cloud resources. This means right-sizing your databases, VMs and other resources, and continuously monitoring performance.

Discounted Licensing

Did we mention we were a Microsoft reseller? No? Well we're a Microsoft CSP and we sell Azure at a highly-competitive price. Add on top of that our expertise in the Azure cloud and we are invaluable partners to help you minimise your costs.

Azure Resource Analysis

We cut through the foggy world of cloud computing costs.

We know Azure. In our recent past we were recognised by Microsoft as their largest Azure consumer in Europe. We have hands-on experience of running gigantic Azure infrastructures. We also have ample experience of identifying resource usage and continuously striving to keep our platform as efficient as possible. We've developed a range of tactics and little tools to help us. We'll analyze your resources and help you identify your leading costs, making suggestions on how you can optimize your resource efficiency without impacting performance.

Optimization and Right-Sizing

We're unlike any other reseller anywhere.

Not to discredit our competition - they have a lot of great qualities - but what they almost never have is genuine hands-on experience with Azure. We have used three very well established internationally-renowned Microsoft distributors and resellers over the years, and they all claimed to be experts in Azure. They weren't. They said they would help us manage our costs. They didn't. We know Azure inside out - we've fought constant battles to manage our Azure costs. Work with us, and we'll be an invaluable ally to help you fight, and win, your own.

License Management

View Azure data in clear, actionable dashboards

IAM Cloud is a huge consumer of Azure compute. We know how important it is to make sure resources are being used as efficiently as possible. We also know how difficult it can be to see how your money is being spent in Azure, especially as your infrastructure grows in size and complexity. All resellers provide data, but data isn't everything. What's more important is the insight that the data give you. We don't just throw data at you, we help to show you what the data are saying.

Discounted Licensing

A reseller that has 'been there and done that' with Azure

Great expertise doesn't always have to mean great expense. We offer two major advantages over traditional Azure resellers & consultants. First - our expertise is immutable. We don't hire sales people and call them licensing experts. Every member of our team is technical. And we mean 'do-technical-things-for-a-living technical' - not - 'did-a-couple-of-exams-on-Microsoft-Virtual-Academy-4-years-ago technical'. Second - we're not greedy. It's more important to us to deliver value to our customers than it is to squeeze as much profit as we can out of every deal. This isn't a trick. This is the ethos we've been running with for the past 7+ years at IAM Cloud and it's served both us and our customers extremely well.

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