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Identity Synchronization & Provisioning

If there's one thing above all else that we know it's identity. For the past 7 years at IAM Cloud we've designed, built and integrated identity solutions, sync systems for Azure AD, connectors for third party MIS platforms and more. Few companies anywhere are better qualified to help.

Application Integrations & Configuration

Azure AD provides incredible power to your applications - but only if they're integrated. We'll take care of this by integrating all of your SAML, WS-Fed and OpenID-compatible applications, as well as custom identity connectors to/from sources hosted outside of AD (for example in an HR system).

SSO, MFA & Conditional Access

Azure AD provides an excellent seamless SSO experience and some best-in-class cloud security functionality, including a full-feature MFA solution and Azure conditional access. We'll help seamlessly integrate the technology into your IT environment, and provide training so you can best make use of it.

Identity Protection & Threat Analytics

Azure AD centralizes the identity and access data and processes for your organization in the cloud. Azure's Advanced Threat Analytics aggregates this information, and using machine learning can identify threats to your organization in real-time and display a powerful dashboard of security events across your business.

Identity Management & User Provisioning

Identity expertise from creators of a world-renowned identity platform

IAM Cloud was one of the world's first cloud-based identity systems. From the outset we have integrated with Azure AD and facilitated provisioning between Active Directory and the cloud. We don't just have an expert knowledge of identity management and user lifecycle principles, like most good consultants, but also the mechanics behind them. This fact alone means our capabilities are in a different league to almost every other identity specialist in the market. Our strength is in how we can integrate Azure AD into your other systems and business processes. That is where the power of identity truly lies.

Conditional Access; Unconditional Security

Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee. Azure AD combines featherweight simplicity with heavyweight security.

Azure AD has some exceptional access management features - the first challenge is deciding which plan best suits your needs. Azure AD comes in four main plans: Free, Basic, Premium 1 and Premium 2. Our expert identity consultants will help explain and demonstrate the differences between the plans and the benefits of each, aligning them to your organizational requirements. Once you've decided which plan is right for you, we'll then help you configure, customize and deploy it into your organization. Where the expertise of TunedIn absolute shines is in how we can bring together the security from Azure AD, the device protection from Intune, the data protection from Azure Information Protection, and dedicated information security consultants in delivering unparalleled IT security to your organization. Our Microsoft Certified Trainers can deliver training on any of the above features to your team, and we can also provide an ongoing 24/7 support service (ranging from Azure AD troubleshooting to advanced security consultation) should you need it.

Application Integration

The system is more powerful than the sum of its processes

Azure AD is enormously powerful - especially when combined with Intune and Azure Information Protection. But it's also just middleware - on its own in isolation it does very little. But the more applications you integrate into it - the more powerful it becomes. That's where we come in. Most IT consultants identify as system integrators - in fact that's what Microsoft labels all of us - but we are specifically identity integrators. We don't want to be a broken record when it comes to IAM Cloud. But we have spent years building - in code and metadata - connectors to a massive variety of applications.

Identity Protection & Advanced Threat Analytics

A security system that learns and adapts from attacks

How do you know if an identity has been compromised? If you're relying on a user telling you their account has been hacked, then you're already pretty late to the game. With Azure Identity Protection, your users sign-in events are continually monitored and assessed for suspicious behaviour and risk. Should a user exceed a certain risk threshold, then you can be notified in real-time, and the level of security can conditionally increase for the user. E.g. you require an additional factor of MFA for a "risky-user" compared to a normal user. Advanced Threat Analytics centralizes all security 'events' into a single view so you can track and remediate any suspicious activity across your whole IT real-estate. When properly configured and integrated it has quite incredible power - and we can help you get there.

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Integration of MFA & Conditional Access

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ID Protection & Advanced Threat Analytics

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